Life's been hard lately. But I manage to put myself at ease with the help of my loved ones.. Too much damage.. Internally and even externally. Some from my own and some from others.. But without all the shits, you cant call yourself that you're living a "life". These are all meant for learning.

Gosh! I went through HELL.. 1st test was my love life, followed by my family and now the people around me, especially the HYPOCRITES who dares to sit next to me [like I don't know you?? duh!!].

The WHORE and the HYPOCRITES are actually one hell of an entertainment. Do they know that they were laughed at each time they turn their backs?

As for my family, my principle is still the same. I'M NOT GOIN ANYWHERE.. The "elders", you guys have made your decisions and don't wait TOO LONG to change your mind before it's TOO LATE. He bruised enough and no more stupid dramas from the rest of you. You don't have to tell the WHOLE WORLD that you HATED HIM. You were only attacked once and you're cracking up like a small child?? At least you had someone to hold her back. When I was attacked for the 1st time, who's there to hold her for me?? NO ONE.. When you guys arrived, all of you manage to "laughed" at me and make fun out of the situation. But still, I NEVER MOVE NOT EVEN AN INCH from HIM. So, who's TOUGHER now?? You're not scared, aren't you?? You're waaaaayyyyy older than me and even wiser than me. So, think about it, peeps....

As written above, are those OBSTACLES as I virtue my life or they're PUNISHMENTS for my wrong doings? 'Til that bad?? I'm not sure.. Well, who am I to question all that?... I just have to go through it wisely and patiently.

Thank God I had my lifeline on my backs.. The TOP LINES, My Dad, Amir, Abg Yat and family.. My Closest Friend, Hirsha Erna, I can always count on u and vice versa okay... My Beloved Homies, Lieza, Nisa, Ezay... You guys are the only reason I'm still breathing and walking on this earth... Put a smile on my face, gave me good times of laughter, held me up whenever I fall, listens to my whines... Tell me how can I forget u guys?? All of you are THE BEST THINGS IN MY LIFE... *hugs n kisses*

Lots of LOVE!!...