We're off for a mission this Sunday... Well, that's 2moro actually. Another vacation, stress relief. We're going to mandi sungai @ Gunung Ledang!! It's a necessity for us (me + dearie + lieza + nisa) as it's a cleansing purpose for each one of us. We're about to meet someone special & our presence are most welcomed. Wow! Hope we can really meet P.G.L.. hehehe... naahh.. juz kidding.. Dah lah kitorg x pernah menjejakkan kaki ke Gunung Ledang, agak takut jgk la kann after we heard sooooooo many spooky stories happened there. Agegegege... X pe, yg penting niat kita baik & bersih. I'll put up some write ups + pics of us at Gunung Ledang later when we come back k.

See ya later~!..


AJL 23

Wow.. what a day! Finally yanie blh rest!! yiihaaa!!!

Selesai sudah commitment dgn AJL.. The show was fine, even though i had to go through one hell of a week. Hectic & stressful i'd say.. But, da mmg kerja kena camtu, laaaaayyyaaaaannnn jerw.. ;)

I was happy with the AJL 23 result. Glad that Meet Uncle Hussein won. They deserved it. Harap2 Taja will keep on composing more great songs fo M.U.H and even others. Faizal Tahir's performance was very outstanding yesterday. Lain dari yang lain.. Like the song "Sampai Syurga".. I'd like to dedicate that song to my dearie. Blh kan?? ;)
Spider & Sofaz did well, too, yesterday. Even though not much on the performance, but they're bands.. can't do much to not spoil their concepts as a rock band. Like the LOGO nway.. hehe.. ;)
Not much comments on the rest. Stacy & Elyana was cute. Farawahida & Aiman had their whole batallion on stage.. hehe.. Kak Ziana is super"cool" as she sings "Dingin".. ;)

Hmm... nak type pon cam x larat lagi ni.. tapi tetap nk tulis jgk.. Guess i better take a nap fo a while, then i'll continue commenting on AJL 23 k..




ni hari bersantai with my "dearie".. nak meng"relax"kan diri..
cayunk dierw!! MuahXxSs~... ;)


YOU're just a BOY!

I'm laughing out LOUD!!.. Hahahaha...

There's a BOY (juz a BOY) who used to be closed to me in year 2007, used to share with him the problems that I had in my relationship. He was a good listener back then, but towards the end of the year I found out that he's ONE of the JACKASS who tried to failed my love life. In silence, he was the mastermind of the whole situation. Bak kata yg lebih indah, "MUSUH DALAM SELIMUT." On for what reason he did that?? Not sure..

The funniest part is, he & his whole battalion thinks that SENGET is a threat to their committee. so LAME!!.. Even worse, they gave nicknames such as "Plastic people" or "noob people" with some "F" words added.. Wow, so much of the "good-manner" people I'd say. Would you be pleased if you were called as a "PLASTIK SAMPAH"? Sorry to say, but you DID act like one, and even STILL.. Or even look EXACTLY like "plastik sampah" with all the li'l MAGGOTS crawling inside... Eeeewwww.... Such a DIRT. (gigles)

You know what?? You guys are just a bunch of scumbags who played the role of the Devil's armies. Tried to bring me down? You think you almost succeed? Well, think again, my friend. Don't be surprised of what might come next. We won't do any bullshits, we'll go through the RIGHT way instead, a healthy competition. After being the good angels who's been patience all this while even after being FRAMED & humiliated, it's time for us to play a much different role. Just wait & see what we'll become.

Have a nice day! ;)

Hidup SENGETs!!


Us Against The World

US AGAINST THE WORLD - Christina Milian

If the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more (No more)
I would still have you, you, you ,you, you, you, you
If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war (To War)
I’ll be fighting with you, you, you ,you, you
Because it’s us against the world, the world, the world

You know it’s us against the world The world, the world, ohh

Now if I’m
lost at sea 7 days I’m not alone
If I’m holding you, you, you, you, you
And if it all end’s, everybody in the world is gone
I’ll be standing with you, baby

And if it’s the last breath I take
I’ll leave my kiss with you
If there’s a wall between us, baby

I know I’ll break through

No matter what anyone could say
This is the only place for me
And no one could ever take that away
Nothing could come between us

If the sun shuts down and decided not to shine no more (No more)
I would still have you, you, you ,you, you, you, you
If we see the last day and they say we gotta go to war (To War)

I’ll be fighting with you, you, you ,you, you
use it’s us against the world

Nothing’s stronger now than you and I
Cuz your love is all I got
And this ain’t never gon’ stop
No, whoa
There’s no distance here when we’re apart
Come on in from the cold
Lay your head on my shoulder

Ride like a soldier
I’mma stay right here


Preparation for AJL

Everybody's bz getting prepared for Anugerah Juara Lagu 23. Hari nie kitorg cabut undi utk giliran persembahan. Raaaaaaammmmaaaaaiiii nye org. Entah knp skrg ni gua x blh leypak kalau terlalu crowded. Spider dpt undi no 6, kira tengah2 la... Ok la tu kot.. A million sorry to Kak Yong & team.. Tak sangka plak blh jadik complicated sampai camni. InsyaAllah yanie akan selesaikan mslh ni secepat yg mgkn.. Cheers k.. ;)
The arrangements, will work on it A.S.A.P..

Agak hectic jgk ni hari tapi nasib baik ada SOULMATE yg memahami & menenangkan hati.. Sejuk hati bila dah berbual.. ;)

Lepas tuhh..... Pergh!! Betapa best nye meredah JAM balik from TV3 tadik.. Dari pkl 6:30pm, pkl 8pm baru sampai rmh!! but Aremeer & I manage to overcome with the STRESS yg melanda! by putting on our favourite CD, Colbie Cailat.. hmmm... rilex pon... Tension je jiran2 (keta2) sebelah tgk kitorg asyik bergelak ketawa sedangkan yg lain masing2 TENSION tahap gaban.. ;)

Ni mlm tido awal... Esok ke TV3 lagikk~.. nk mintak TV3 subsidi minyak blh? WALAUPUN... hua hua hua.. udoh2 le tuh merepekz..


Year 2009

Wow!.. New year, new goals, new aims, new achievements, new stories, new history and probably a new LIFE. Hopefully I could start off a new life by leaving behind ALL the bad memories, including all those TOXIC beings who doesn't deserve to be in my thoughts.

Year 2007 was the most horrifying year ever! Year 2008 was the "re-building" year.. It went very well. My "dearie" and I manage to overcome our pasts & mistakes calmly. Walaupun si minah GENDOT tu tak sudah2 kacau hidup kitorg & I admit that everything was tough but we manage to get through it together. Nothing is a surprise for us, we are always prepared. When are we going to settled down? Biarlah rahsia.. Just avoid from doing any assumptions. It might turn into "fitnah".. Not gud right?

As for now, all I can think of is being close to my family. A lot of responsibilities & problems to overcome. Nothing is perfect in this world. Think on the positive side, all the experiences might be useful in the future. The time when we have kids.. ;)

Hmm... Will write later when the idea comes. Anyways, have a good year. May your life be filled with joy & blessings and virtue in everything you do. Happy New Year!!