Wow.. what a day! Finally yanie blh rest!! yiihaaa!!!

Selesai sudah commitment dgn AJL.. The show was fine, even though i had to go through one hell of a week. Hectic & stressful i'd say.. But, da mmg kerja kena camtu, laaaaayyyaaaaannnn jerw.. ;)

I was happy with the AJL 23 result. Glad that Meet Uncle Hussein won. They deserved it. Harap2 Taja will keep on composing more great songs fo M.U.H and even others. Faizal Tahir's performance was very outstanding yesterday. Lain dari yang lain.. Like the song "Sampai Syurga".. I'd like to dedicate that song to my dearie. Blh kan?? ;)
Spider & Sofaz did well, too, yesterday. Even though not much on the performance, but they're bands.. can't do much to not spoil their concepts as a rock band. Like the LOGO nway.. hehe.. ;)
Not much comments on the rest. Stacy & Elyana was cute. Farawahida & Aiman had their whole batallion on stage.. hehe.. Kak Ziana is super"cool" as she sings "Dingin".. ;)

Hmm... nak type pon cam x larat lagi ni.. tapi tetap nk tulis jgk.. Guess i better take a nap fo a while, then i'll continue commenting on AJL 23 k..