Wow!.. New year, new goals, new aims, new achievements, new stories, new history and probably a new LIFE. Hopefully I could start off a new life by leaving behind ALL the bad memories, including all those TOXIC beings who doesn't deserve to be in my thoughts.

Year 2007 was the most horrifying year ever! Year 2008 was the "re-building" year.. It went very well. My "dearie" and I manage to overcome our pasts & mistakes calmly. Walaupun si minah GENDOT tu tak sudah2 kacau hidup kitorg & I admit that everything was tough but we manage to get through it together. Nothing is a surprise for us, we are always prepared. When are we going to settled down? Biarlah rahsia.. Just avoid from doing any assumptions. It might turn into "fitnah".. Not gud right?

As for now, all I can think of is being close to my family. A lot of responsibilities & problems to overcome. Nothing is perfect in this world. Think on the positive side, all the experiences might be useful in the future. The time when we have kids.. ;)

Hmm... Will write later when the idea comes. Anyways, have a good year. May your life be filled with joy & blessings and virtue in everything you do. Happy New Year!!