We're off for a mission this Sunday... Well, that's 2moro actually. Another vacation, stress relief. We're going to mandi sungai @ Gunung Ledang!! It's a necessity for us (me + dearie + lieza + nisa) as it's a cleansing purpose for each one of us. We're about to meet someone special & our presence are most welcomed. Wow! Hope we can really meet P.G.L.. hehehe... naahh.. juz kidding.. Dah lah kitorg x pernah menjejakkan kaki ke Gunung Ledang, agak takut jgk la kann after we heard sooooooo many spooky stories happened there. Agegegege... X pe, yg penting niat kita baik & bersih. I'll put up some write ups + pics of us at Gunung Ledang later when we come back k.

See ya later~!..