I'm laughing out LOUD!!.. Hahahaha...

There's a BOY (juz a BOY) who used to be closed to me in year 2007, used to share with him the problems that I had in my relationship. He was a good listener back then, but towards the end of the year I found out that he's ONE of the JACKASS who tried to failed my love life. In silence, he was the mastermind of the whole situation. Bak kata yg lebih indah, "MUSUH DALAM SELIMUT." On for what reason he did that?? Not sure..

The funniest part is, he & his whole battalion thinks that SENGET is a threat to their committee. so LAME!!.. Even worse, they gave nicknames such as "Plastic people" or "noob people" with some "F" words added.. Wow, so much of the "good-manner" people I'd say. Would you be pleased if you were called as a "PLASTIK SAMPAH"? Sorry to say, but you DID act like one, and even STILL.. Or even look EXACTLY like "plastik sampah" with all the li'l MAGGOTS crawling inside... Eeeewwww.... Such a DIRT. (gigles)

You know what?? You guys are just a bunch of scumbags who played the role of the Devil's armies. Tried to bring me down? You think you almost succeed? Well, think again, my friend. Don't be surprised of what might come next. We won't do any bullshits, we'll go through the RIGHT way instead, a healthy competition. After being the good angels who's been patience all this while even after being FRAMED & humiliated, it's time for us to play a much different role. Just wait & see what we'll become.

Have a nice day! ;)

Hidup SENGETs!!