Dear frenz,

Life's been good. Lots of ups and downs. A li'l too hard for me to face but my dad said it's a good learning session for me. With the help of my loved ones, there's nothing that i can't face up. I admit that I was immature a couple of years ago, but I think many have notice the changes in me. Maybe it's because of my age kot. I'd rather stay at home and chill instead of hangin out wasting time & $.

In this article, I'll try not to criticise anyone. Keep my word k... ;)

I agreed with a phrase which said that our life is like a spinnig wheel. There are times we'll be on top, and there'll be some downs as well. I refused to say that I was on top for once but I admit that I'm now at the bottom of the wheel. Even so, it doesn't mean that i'll stay at the bottom forever. I know my time will come... With the help of your prays, InsyaAllah... ;)

It was hard, but now my life is becoming more and more happier & beautiful. My love life is improving. Alhamdulillah...

To all my frenz, i cherish every strength that u guys have provide for me to keep moving forward. I LOVE u guys & will be forever in my heart! ;)
For my haters, i apologize for my wrongs that bruises u. No means. Tapi selalu nye Yanie JARANG kacau org, org je yg selalu KACAU Yanie.. hmm..