Today I had a GREAT time with my Sayang... Ntah le.. baru 2 hari x jmp tapi rasa mcm dah DUA TAHUN x jmp! Really miz him sooooooo much!! We went shopping kat Alamanda 2day.. It was really peacefull.. No one else, juz the two of us... ;)

He bought for me some new clothes and accessories. All day hanya kami berdua shj... But he quickly drift away the moment i went into the Lingerie Shop!! Wakakakakakaka!!! He said, "potong stim siak!" Wakakakaka.... Oopsss.... Sori, syg.. Really need to buy sum new ones though. Hehehehehhe... We went to eat at Secret Recipe. I had the Carribbean Style Fish Fillet and Amir had the Spaghetti Bolognese. Both had Iced Choc with whipped cream. Nyum nyum... Apa lagik! Berlaku la sesi suap menyuap! hehehehehe... But the fish was AWESOME!! Asked for EXTRA gravy lagi tuhh.. Extremely delicious! Menikmati makanan sambil duduk di atas kerusi sofa yg ala2 selesa jgk la kann kat dlm kedai tuh.. REALLY enjoyed our time there.

After that, cont shopping! We went to buy some toiletries at Carrefour. Blh plak terserempak dgn kakak amir, Kak Leha. She was with her two younger daughters. Cute lookin girls! Hehe... After a short chat with 'em, we continue browsing through the supermarket. Once we're done, we grabbed Nasi Ayam from The Chicken Rice Shop for Ayah & my li'l sis.

Quite tiring 2day but I had some cute+fun+loveydovey time with my Sayang... Really LOVE U, Syg... Thanx for the happiness.. Thanx for everything.. U put a smile on my face 2day.. A really BIG smile.. ;)

LOTS OF LOVE... ~Aremeer Dan Yanie (A.D.Y)~