Many surprises came up during this early year. All this while I only prayed for the best to come and I'm grateful for what He's given me so far. Too many ups and downs but we manage to stand tall. Many have asked me about marriage. With all your prayers, insyaAllah it'll happen soon... For the time being, I'll focus on my work & family.

Kalau nak bercerita, otak tgh bercelaru... Tak tau yg mana patut diceritakan. Macam2 hal jadi sepanjang 2 - 3 tahun ni. Harapkan hati & pegangan yang kuat, yanie masih lagi ceria & livin life as happy as always... Nope, i didn't backed nor turned down.... So, probably many has been asking where I've been as I've been quiet from the entertainment industry. Well guys, I'm taking a break from the PR thingy fo a while. Taking some fresh air... Right now, I'm in a production company, doin a li'l of screen-writing. The job's cool!.. very relaxed and not as hectic as the PR job. So far, we're bz working on a government project under Rais Yatim, a 10-eps docu... Hope we'll get it done successfully~... ;)

Hmmmm...... What else to update?? x ley pikir ar skrg.. There'll be more coming up k... catch ya later!... ;)