Wow... It's really over, huh?

Q: Am I making the right decision? Or a mistake?
A: Should be the "right decision". Yup, pretty sure on this one...

Q: Can I move on easily?
A: It won't be easy, but I shall try...

Q: Can I forgive?
A: I've forgiven him..

Q: But can I forget?
A: I can't seem to forget what happened in the past.. year 2007.. it keeps haunting me.

Q: Is that the cause I changed my mind?
A: Partly, YES.

Q: Is there a second chance?
A: I think I've given more than two chances.

Q: What did I expect from him?
A: Effort, result & security.

Q: I know he's working on that recently. But why I left him still?
A: Coz I want him to fulfill his vow to his family. I know he'll have more concentration without me in the picture.

Q: Am I sure that is the right thing to do?

A: I've tried approaching him in a soft manner previously. We've discussed about being secured from the very first year we were together, but I don't see any improvement, he took things lightly instead. So, I guess by taking this guerrilla action will work as it gave him a very deep impact, from what I can see now.

Q: Am I not afraid of losing him?
A: I was afraid at first, but I know I just have to do it. Gotta be strong then.

Q: Then how about his accusation about me having an affair?
A: Nonsense. No prove. And he reacted childishly towards this situation.

Q: How childish can
he be?
A: Create chaos at people's house at 5am?? Woke the whole family? Shouting and yelling in the neighborhood? Carried a weapon with the intention to threat? How can I not call that "childish"? An adult won't reacted as such.

Q: I didn't reacted that way when I found out about his affair with his PR, rite?
A: Nope. I didn't. I didn't even assault that lady nor create chaos at her house. Why should I? Shit wouldn't happen if he himself won't allow it to happen, rite? So, I put it just between me and him.

Q: Then what about the case of him been calling up my friends and questioned every single one of 'em?
A: I did not agree on that. Coz I don't do that in the first place! Why should I get other people involved in my personal matters? And what's with the "tabi'i" of spreading rumors about my misbehavior to the people around me? Aren't you find it STUPID for talking craps about your own fiancee?

Q: So, what's my plan now?
A: I can tell that he hated me by now. So, there's no point of holding this relationship any longer. I've let him go. Let him be. Gonna focus on my work, secure myself and my family.

Q: And he found someone to replace me already?
A: Oh, well.. I wouldn't really bother on that anymore. Coz I know him very well and I know that that is how he show his rebel towards me. I don't wanna know and I don't care. And for everyone to know, I DO NOT have any affair with any other guy as assumed by him and I DO NOT plan to have any at the moment. Not interested!

To be continue.........

It'll never be the same..