Funny things happened to me lately. Yea, some may read my status on my FB about the "kisah hati" thingy & all those F word stuff, it was meant  for some guys who think they could simply play a fool outta me and I proved them wrong. Result? Frustration laa... They didn't get the result as they thought it should be. Please don't apply the same method you applied to the other girls who you've tried to pancing k. I'm not an amateur and please think before you ACT. And please be sure of what you want & need in life coz I don't wanna be with a bunch of losers who doesn't even know of their purpose for being on earth.

To those losers, I got some nice words for ya!:

"You ain't got the right to tell me
When and where to go, no right to tell me
Acting like you own me lately
Yeah baby you don't know a thing about me.."


"Try to control me boy you get dismissed"

Hehe... Enjoy Mr. Know It All from Kelly Clarkson! ;)