After TWO years I took a break from bein' a PR, and now I'm BACK!! hehe.... New groove, new mentality, new vibe, new moves, new SPIRIT. At KRU Studios, I got a great Promo Team ever, they're fun, lovely, caring and even sometimes a good punching bags. Haha!!

Tomorrow will be approximately 1 month I'm here in KRU and hopefully I'll be getting my 1st salary by tomorrow as well. Ngeee..... The Bosses are awesome. They're very casual, understanding and approachable. Norman sort of became an idol to me, even with tons of tasks to do, he never fails to spend a li'l time to care for his staffs. Why am I amazed? Coz I never bumped into any Malay bosses who can fulfill that. That was sincere, aite.. Ini tidak ada kena mengena utk mengipas ke apa ke ok.

So far, the members of the recent Promo Team are Ayu (Head), Abun, Pooh, Khairul, Ena (intern) and Me. Everybody with their own unbelievably hilarious characters. Haha!... Having them around makes me feel excited to go to work every morning. Never fails to get a good laugh in the morning. I hope all of these stays as long as it can. ;)

..:: The Promo Team ::..
[Ayu, Abun, Ena, Yanie & Pooh]

Happy Birthday, Boss!
[15 June 2010]

Yusry Abdul Halim

and with the rest of them... ;)