Sometimes, when you tried to do any tasks given at your best, people just come around smashing you like nobody's business. Wreck you up with unconditional words and unreasonable reasons.

Sometimes, when you think you could trust her/him, he/she was the one who actually stabbed you with the sharpest tool you would've ever imagine. With no sympathy, they just leave you bled out alone.

Sometimes, when you feel like crying over the shits that has happened, unfortunately you're not in the right place and at the wrong time. Nobody's there to soothes you down. And again, you're all alone to ease yourself down, trying hard not to shed a tear.

Sometimes, you'll feel like running... You wish you could run a thousand miles away from the mess, from those who seems to envy every single thing you have. Have a walk on a peaceful sunny beach... Take a ride on a quiet lake... [sigh]

Sometimes, you just don't understand why, even if you've tried to please everyone, people just seem too cruel to bring you down. To be honest, it hurts.

But at ALL TIMES, I have my beloved Ayah to guide me through. It was never embarrassing to talk just about anything to him, and he helped me out quite well through out my awful days. Plus, I'm lucky to have such a caring & loving fiancee by my side. Even if I've failed, he never fails to put me at ease. Say nice things to me, caress me in the most soothing way you would've ever imagine, stock me up with a bunch of chocolate just to see me laugh, drive me around the city, take me to my favourite place, get me my favourite DVD... Hehe..

They are the best I got....

Thanx, Ayah...... ;)

Thanx, Ayang.... ;)